• We're the forward-thinking professional problem solvers who take action to help you make better business decisions.

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    We're the <span class="bold">forward-thinking</span> professional problem solvers who <span class="bold">take action</span> to help you make better business decisions.

Nathan Snider, CPA

An Asheville native with over 20 years of experience as an accountant, business manager and entrepreneur, Nathan knows firsthand how to handle complex business regulations and required filings while maximizing a company’s profits. And his knowledge of tax law has helped countless individuals minimize or eliminate balances due on their personal tax returns. As your proactive CPA, his mission is to empower you to achieve your business and financial goals through effective and responsive communication and consultation regarding tax planning opportunities.

A true outdoor sports enthusiast, Nathan loves the Asheville area’s natural beauty and spirit of entrepreneurship. You may see him hiking a mountain trail, paddling a river, riding a road, or enjoying our world-class local restaurants.

Danielle Goldstein, CPA

After 18 years as a yoga teacher, business manager, and small business owner, Danielle knows the importance of having a reliable accountant who truly understands a client’s needs. Her focused, proactive approach enables clients to stay in compliance and minimize tax burden. Danielle offers clients the sense of peace that comes from knowing their financials are in capable hands. She joined Snider & Associates in 2016.

Danielle enjoys yoga, running, quality time in nature, travel, and cooking delicious food with her family.

Accounting Services

Income Tax Services

Our CPAs offer comprehensive tax return preparation, tax planning, resolution of tax issues and disputes, tax record summarizing and much more, for both individuals and businesses. The firm’s proactive tax planning strategies and systems can help minimize your tax liabilities and maximize retained earnings. Contact us now to arrange your free tax planning consultation!


We can expertly handle all bookkeeping and reporting for you, or design and implement streamlining systems that empower you to do it yourself, faster and easier than ever. We’ll help you choose the best type of business entity for your situation, and show you how to navigate complicated tax reporting requirements, property tax listings, business licenses and more.

Payroll Service

Experienced payroll pros will guide you through the entire process of paying your employees, including legal and regulatory requirements, paycheck issuance, payroll tax payments, quarterly and annual payroll tax reports and more. Tailoring services to your unique needs, we can take action to handle all checks and records, or professionally advise on your reporting, so you avoid costly penalties.

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